puking platitudes lyrics – venetia fair

i was brought to my knees by our last conversation
i was calling your bluff like you’d loaded that gun with
a flag

i could not stop puking plat*tudes
’cause i couldn’t give you up or keep yours down
i wreaked of desperation how did you stand the smell?

and i could feel the shame i buried under all my anger
this was my last chance.
but god forbid i would show some understanding.
i’m just scared i’ll be left alone

i froze.
let the mutiny fester.
petrified like some statue walking a plank.
’cause i watched them chiseling.
they carved my body out of rock
then had the stones to ask i bend
to hear their accusations
i could not contest the fact that

so i’ll toss and turn and find a way to overstate the way
i feel
because god forbid i would show some understanding i’m
just scared that if you all leave
that i’ll be left alone.

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