pseudo smile campaign lyrics – devastated

it’s the american way
c*m stained and we’re f*cking your dead body
america, home of the slave
you’ve been all you can be now you’re dead in the grave

you mistake white coats for capes
welcoming m*ss *n*l rape
to kill you now would make no f*cking sense
cuz they’re living off your ignorance
with arrogance, *ssess and manifest
i’ll smile to appease, while you wait in disease

pseudo smile campaign
we’ll certify rotted brains
join the pseudo smile campaign
we’ll certify your rotted f*ckin’ brain

trust me with your life

death is in the pills you take
the air you breathe… and the food you f*ckin’ eat
so start dying now, start losing sleep
we got a pill for that, yeah it’s new and it’s cheap
so you can count sheep

parasite, no guiding light
cashed joint, fracture point
needles stabbing at your vein
an arm and a leg, it’s all one and the same
here’s a puzzle with a missing piece
yeah there’s profit in your uncured disease

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