prowling death (the demigoddess) lyrics – usurper

of innocence you are welcomed
enter into my life
from dust you have arisen
carnality, your fatal touch

virginity is her lure
yet she is the demon wh*r*
she whispers everything you long to hear
then swallows your feeble soul

“on your knees you f*cking b*tch!”
out of the womb of a witch
your master is our lord
lucifer i hear your call

prowling death!
demoness from h*ll
possess me with your evil spell
unholy l*st is what i need
demigoddess make me bleed

[solo: scythe]

obedient to your words
yet she is in total control
demigoddess – she is death
praying mantis’ hunger, black widow’s soul


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