princess anonymous lyrics – cueball

a look and captived
-sudden endorphine rush, making me high
her beauty – attractive,
take a deep breath, just an internal sigh.

standing in front of her,
can’t pretend coolness or even say a word.
imaging a tender
innocent kiss, her turn-away hurts.

am i flying, or just dying,
-seems i can’t figure out at all.
what’s this confusion in my head?
-feels i’m about to take the fall!

alone in the nights,
depressions and doubts, but the pain’s bittersweet.
caressing her soft skin in my dreams,
oh, why can’t i simply stay asleep?!


next time that we meet
– nervous, childish helpless, like the very first time.
no more self confidence
but i hear her sweet voice and my heart begins to shine…

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