premature ejaculation lyrics – esham

(repeat 4x)
i can hear my mother call

momma was a junkie and daddy was a playa
man i swear, i don’t care
about nothin’, sometimes i’m rather be dead black
but that’s about the millionth time i’ve said that
i get a headache everytime i start to think
i’m wonderin’ why i’m not dead, i’m on the brink
yo, it’s kinda crazy, used to be my baby
but now you’re not yourself because you shot yourself
i had a homie who tried to withside
he died, he lied in a closed casket right
i can’t take it, am i gone make it
suicide’s my answer for life’s cancer
i used to pray every sunday
but since blasphamy i gotta listen to what my gun say
can ya dig it, can ya dig it, can ya dig it?
no 40, o.e., gin and juice i’m a swig it, yo
but back to my drama
i finally made my mind up and said f*ck my mama
i’ma get my sh*t straight, my mind i gotta get straight
so i bought a 38 yo
i gotta get my head on
and if ya still think i sing that sad song then you’re dead wrong
so check my situation
i guess you can call me a premature *j*c*l*t**n

man i ain’t nothin’ but a nut
a premature *j*c*l*t**n

yo, life’s kinda funny
it seems like we all bleedin’ tryin’ to get some bl**dy money
i don’t know why
motherf*ckers trippin’, talkin’ ’bout i’m always high
when i’m gone die, sh*t
how many problems can one motherf*cker get yo
what’s wrong with my mind
if it wasn’t for the bad times i wouldn’t have no times
my baby done left me
she claims i need some mental therapy, she called me crazy
it ain’t no sweat though
’cause anyday i canplay russian roulette hoe
so f*ck that trick b*tch
anyway, she was suckin’ the next n*gg* d*ck, sh*t
so f*ck the perpetration
if you can dig my situation, a premature *j*c*l*t**n


yo, as the world turns
if one n*gg* die, 10 n*gg*z might learn from that
the sh*t runs deep though
“how deep?” 6 feet deep put me to sleep bro
how can i make you understand
and stop you from stevie wondering how i’m going under and
you try and diagnose me, *n*lyze me
but the sh*t don’t surprise me
realize that i see through all eyes gee
i might be wise, but i’m blind just as i see
i’m smokin’ on a fat one
i got one in the chamber, c*ck back on my cap gun
that’s the way my life goes
and my life ain’t nothin’ but b*tches and money and hoes
goes a little somethin’ like this
i’m down to the e ’cause i’m a suicidalist, yo
i look forward to p*ssin’ away
and on my way to h*ll i get some *ss on the way, yo
so check my situation
i guess you could call me a premature *j*c*l*t**n


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