pray to north lyrics – thy wicked

skuld youngest norn, what’s my way
hangatyr show me your runes
the future is dark and the hope is gone
rhaido what do you bring?
my journey through the frozen land of soul
feels cold and dark
black wings embrace my mind
oh father support my ride
it’s a cold fire, feels like gone to hel
alone and dying, a dying soul
i want to break the chains of fate

alone with the nature and the rune spirit

pray to north – odin heals
the runes will guide – pray to north

an evil might overcome my soul
my blood turns black and cold
oh odin bring me peace of mind
your spirit and your endless wisdom
shall be my guardian and my leader
lord of the runes deliver my soul
i want be the rune dancer of knowledge
oh mighty gods five me endless inspiration
to create a powerful charisma
wake up my inner strength
to heal my pagan heart
let me resist against the enemies
with an immortal heathen pride

show me the wonders of asgard

now i have seen
what i am, where i am, why i am

now i can be
what i am, where i am, why i am

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