poison! lyrics – o’brother

i’ll hold my tongue from idle speech to keep my mind fed
did i trade intent for futile means in the process?
i guess there’s a whole in the bottom of my head my sense has fallen out

i’ve seen the sickness reside in the belly of the righteous
a disease that trained a gluttonous eye to feast upon the wicked
and i could pretend that it won’t but it’ll be my ruin too

(i give it all)
will you watch me drown in a pool of my thickening blood?
my rigid limbs sprawl around. i fear that i’m going down.
stung by the incessant drone of some siren calling me out.
oh dear i heard the sound
now i’m hung like an overcoat with some poison fruit in my mouth.
oh god, it’s dragging me down
louder and louder still, spinning looms by which i am bound

this wasn’t right, but it’s what i needed
and i wouldn’t lie, to feed my indifference

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