plastic lyrics – biohazard

it’s apparent to me, that you are happy to be,
stumbling around in your bullsh*t fantasy,
where everybody wears this phony *ss grin
and n*body’s ugly, or willing to look in-side
the mirror, they hide from the terror
that the world is not a utopian place
it’s iller than ever with sc*mbags and killers
as the head motherf*cker i spit in your face

i’ll bet they write us off as a bunch of illiterates
with nothing to say, and think that we’re ignorant
afraid of our might, so they label us belligerant
how can they be so motherf*ckin arrogant?
to think we’ll stand by and take this sh*t
we are the strong and they the insignificant
so here’s my reply to your condescending statements
all you f*ckin f*ggots can suck my d*ck

sick of all the lies, i despise all you f*ckin fakes
comes as no surprise, your demise, you fuel my hate

hatred-anger contempt-plastic

you commercial motherf*ckers coming out like your hard
you wanna talk sh*t lets pull some cards
the mike is my blowgun, spittin’ venomous darts
i’m calling you all out, and you know who you are
these plastic people on this plastic planet
are under my skin, and no one gives a f*cking sh*t
pop genocide, my solution seems drastic
you’ve got no heart, i know that you’re plastic

i am the voice of hate!
why are you all so fake?
i am the voice of hate!
you’re plastic

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