plastic dream lyrics – witch hunt

spending the end of our lives
staring blankly into glowing screens
scrolling aimlessly for hours
i can’t wake up from this plastic dream

plastic dream.

i’ll go outside tomorrow
with human lives stuck on repeat
maybe a cell phone tower will fall
and delete what was left of me

plastic dream.

ain’t it funny how – they’re called living rooms
seated comfortably – watching someone else
live a fantasy – as we die

slowly and suddenly the color picture fades
decades of pages that can no longer be displayed
try to focus as my life flashes before my eyes
it’s just a scene from some movie i saw 100 times

how long was i asleep
logged in to this dream
where every single thing plugs in
or runs on batteries

now i can’t press rewind
and click back to the time
when texts were things called books
and pixels didn’t flood my mind

spent my entire life
staring blankly into glowing screens
searched and searched and searched forever
but never found out what it means

plastic dream.

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