plague wielders lyrics – endwell

forever d*mned/we’re built to decay
this will all soon be gone/we are truly a plague
when greed shuns the hand of god/man’s greatest mistake
of all
deceiving himself that he has control
you would allow the world to burn/just to feed off of the
to satiate the needs/of filthy glutton kings
the further we progress/the more we are enslaved
now faster we descend/as we sink into the flames
as we descend into the flames
it will all come back to you/this will all come back to
we are all responsible/to be held accountable
when the skies begin to fall/and ashes cover all
your precious life expires into everlasting fire
faith to the flames/mankind is a plague
visions of earth as grave/with entire cities ablaze
man will burn
all of mankind
sent to the flames
visions of earth as a m*ss grave
earth as a grave

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