pins and needles(in my heart) lyrics – hank williams

[g]i know not where on earth to find you
i know not how or when to start
i only know i’m here with[c]out you
i’ve got [d7]pins and needles in my [g]heart
[g]the days and nights are growing longer
since first you said that we must part
i only know i can’t for[c]get you
with these [d7]pins and needles in my [g]heart
[g]i always see your face before me
your smile is heaven’s work of art
but now you’re smiling at an[c]other
and there’s [d7]pins and needles in my [g]heart
[g]sometime somewhere we’ll meet again dear
then love will make the teardrops start
someday you’ll know how long i’ve [c]waited
with these [d7]pins and needles in my [g]heart

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