phoenix lyrics – buckshot lefonque

tell you ’bout the future
of a heart that heals with time…
still i see in you
someone i once know
way back in the past
when my song had words
and the words were meant for you
tell me when did our future end?
now i see the truth staring out a window
at love gone astray
running from herself
trying to make believe
that it was just a dream
’cause when love asks of you
more than you can give
you find a way to disappear
don’t you think it’s strange
that love could make us strangers?
to be your friend
you ask too much of me
for now i need some time to be
alone, yes alone
isn’t it strange to love alone
i know ’bout the future
only time will tell
if you see in me
someone you once know
a shadow in your life
before your song had words
and your words will ring true
about love you left in the flames
well when the smoke clears and i rise
you’ll see pain deep in my eyes
but you won’t see a tender heart afraid of breaking
the time for tears is yesterday
the time for my life is now
it’s time to say
my heart will rise again
i will rise again

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