perpetual disablement lyrics – melancholy pessimism

bullsh*t, bullsh*t, stupid bullsh*t
sounds every day.
a f*cking, f*cking stink smells
wake up, oh wake up! it isn’t too late now.
for your disablement will soon be
your death.

spit tablesin a dirty pub
full ash-trays and your stench.
on the same chair every day.
a lot of plans and ideas
only among the words.

…and days, weeks like years
are running away.
a tergiversations are your acts
it’s the acme of your existence.

move you lazy b*m from the pub.
change your empty life.
you are a hero only in the dive.
you are a big-mouth corpse.
big-mouth corpses. they are for sh*t
the losers from a pubs are dying alive.

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