penis i see lyrics – gwar

they won’t talk but still they say
you kill for kicks, you got bills to pay
well baby i got bills to pay
don’t make me act that way?
don’t make me
don’t make me
don’t make me

chorus: have you seen the center spread
st*tched up like a baseball head
she was dead before they raped her
now she’s in the funny paper

pity and sin
he’s breaking in
i am so sleepy
please don’t rape me
p*n*s i see

did you ever want to be obscene
in a muerto magazine
filled with hate you hope to ween
fight the beast and leave the cream
leave the scene

it’s so easy to be the latest atrocity
but it always seem to be a p*n*s that i see
you’d be surprised to discover
my level of empathy
i’ve gone from prey to victim
p*n*s in me


splattered face mouths wordless whys
fingerprints are on the eyes
in a box out back i kept her
plugged her stinking where i left her
that’s where i kept her

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