pathological frolic lyrics – cultus sanguine

who is this geoffrey?
all i see is this cold cadaver
why is this geoffrey
lying in puddles of pus on a gurney?
tell me of this geoffrey,
this boy with a noose around his neck;
more about geoffrey:
why is he wearing his mother’s bra?

how old was geoffrey?
at a guess, i’d say
about twelve or thirteen;
he died accidentally
from auto-erotic asphyxiation;
he’d been masturbating…
our little stiff still has one on
and it’s been one week!

the resurrection men
took their sweet time
cross-dressed fruit:
what a way to die!
now he’s ours:
the apple of our eve;

fetch the dead sphincter:
cold green meat
how did his *ss taste?
tender and sweet…

and then we f*cked it…

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