path of decision lyrics – dr. death

arriving at the end – resign
of a long way – decide
you’re standing there with – no chance
the hope to find the light – in the dark
forsaken and lonely – fear
you’re standing in front of a big
invisible mirror – fight
capture in a world – decide
in a world of darkness – hohohohoooo

aschtab tachttar minle thnien
janari a lik, ukeff, wishar aklek, villeh
darrib, vascha lousarr, va farkiss
altrig viathua, vaschelu siet
vaschiel triergeg is hier tapaa

the light may be – search
your leader again – decide
you fave your old – beware
your old power back – refuse
lies and pain will be – deny
your companion never more – oh no

protect yourself – protect yuor soul
this ain’t the day – the right time to die
protect yourself – protect your soul

aschthab tachtar…

ismah sot vohak
well mot jetepah viek
wa illa nurr yakruban

aschthab tachtar…
the path of decision

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