parasitic flesh resection lyrics – aborted

a quick grasp of insanity, cranial tissue in decay
a force fed tool of apathy i am
parasitic life form, infesting my whole being
necrotic fungus resecting organs to create…

from the realm of the dead i’m fed
cracking open the coffin lid

driven by a hunger, unable to grasp
a chemical reaction that campels me to grab
the axe, anxiously removed from it’s shelve
with an unpredescent joy i brutally hack

psychonecrotic hallucinations,
as my skull begins to reek
with goreastic elegance i purge the weak

parasitic life form
rehashing the dead for it’s cause
the chopping of heads
a daily act of self-enjoyment

cranial metamorphosis,
a forensic decrepit anomaly
intestines turn into pulp
axe wielding among the stiffs
parasitic resection…

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