panic attack lyrics – finger eleven

thought i could fake this thing alright
thought it could somehow get me by
watching the doctors as they slide
needles into my eye

thought i could finally get around
laughable symptoms keep me down
faces i see all keep me blind
and now they’re redemption’s mine

now that i can’t exchange actions for words
now that i found these inside fears the worst
now that i know there’s no place left to hide
can i become all i thought i might

as the leaders who follow the path of whoever was standing round them
call to say what i’m missing and into a detail they always go
don’t believe them but offer condolences under the circ*mstances
all too often i’m missing the spirit to fit in so call me out

thought i could soundly sleep tonight
positive clear and breathing right
panic attacks, panic attacks me now
seems like a fair redemption

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