our world our time lyrics – human temple

out on the streets
our children cry
no one cares
if an old man dies
all hope is gone
our paradise lost
what have we done
to the ones we love most

we all regret some things we’ve done
but it’s not too late
no, the faith’s not gone
just ask from me
and i’ll show you the way
to the house of my father
where we wait for that day

we just keep on destroying
and fighting against our brother
why don’t we understand it’s not the way
that was meant by our father

hold on – i’ll give you anything
to live for
love changes everything
an’ move on – i live and die for you
cause we know
love changes everything

last nigh i had a dream about the place
we all lived under a saving grace
but that’s not the truth
by wasting our time
ones after us suffer
of what we left behind

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