our redemption in your ruins lyrics – underlined

break through these withered walls
falling short of an ablity
to prevent the kings final fall
a redefining means of tragedy
im sure its so easy for you to see
why these people want you dead
your slaves now broken and free
wont rest till we have your head

we’ve come so far away, from the light of grace
to the right of way
i’ve sunk too far too soon
im overcome by what must be done

ill be sure to stab you in the back
with the knife you left in mine
knowing nothing ever f*cking mattered
it was all a waste of time
well i’ll tell you what, since it sh*t the bed
i know you’re questioning your motives
and the things you said
well tell my only f*cking child just what you did
when he wonders why his “absentee dad” is dead

to invest in your own redemtion means a sacrifice to a
feral god
to invest in a consumation brings a greater good to the
lesser mentioned
f*ck you

a sacrifice of our own redemption
bares a sacrifice to a greater god
the face of own salvation
brings a lack of good, to the lesser mentioned
f*ck you

i will invoke this inner hate
to lay waste to a bound slave
legions in ruins, cry out in pain
from a warpath fueld by my pain
women and child lay slain to waste
strung high and blood drained
and set a flame to a world inslaved

they know not what they’ve done
they’re bound to the trival
they know not what they’ve done
none will be spared, everyone is done

they fall from the h*ll that they’ve become

lay slane on a bed of nails, your time has come and
bow down, accept your fate. our time is now

all is gone, how could you

how could you become
what you swore you would rise against

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