oracle lyrics – kat

the heritage of evil flows like a dark river
terror comes
terror, the call of h*ll
weird power blows, the demon’s day, the death’s encounter
sinister clang, tolling of the devilish bell

i spitted death

to a black crown
to it’s blackness
and shadows go blast
drink! – to witches sippin’ hot blood
to satan’s flute
ominous cult
to heavy metal
i drank your wine from sour grapes like sin

when it came
they wanted my head
i spitted night
that night witches bathed in blood
i heard tortured yell
the sign that the black ace had just come
i saw my face on his card
necklaces of bones are to my waist

i make them afraid
funny people never know
how lost they are in faith
i will get’em all.

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