or a movie lyrics – classix nouveaux

when you feel you are lonely
you think you’re the only
one who feels that way
you sit watching the wall
feel like ending it all
if no-one calls to say

h*llo, how are you today
why not come and see a play
or a movie?
i’ll come over anyway
talk a while, and i may stay
over, we’ll see

all alone in your room
if someone won’t come soon
there’s no-one’s voice but yours
you look out of the window
there’s n*body you know
coming through the door

silence is the only friend
feels like we have reached the end
of a movie
now there’s no more turning back
everything is grey on black
what do you see?

no-one cares alive or dead
thoughts run riot in your head
like a movie
lock the door and lose the key
everyone out there you’ll be
sorry, you’ll see

time has never seemed so long
there’s no comfort in a song
or a movie
couldn’t stand it anymore
tried to find a way out for yours truly

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