onwards and downwards lyrics – stand your ground

with your heart in your hand and your love on a shelf
how could you abandon the hand that feeds?
to stand by yourself. to wade through this garbage.
did we keep you alive? was it us you need?
feast or famine. raise your hands.
fall to your knees. pray for mercy. pray for rain.
this is a final plea.
you made fools of us all and we wore the lashes.
you’ve sewn seeds of malcontent and now we’re reaping the
you bled us dry when we had so little to offer.
yet still we sit there and smile oblivious to it all.
i know h*ll is empty. h*ll is right here.
not a day goes by i don’t hope for the best.
i’ve spent so many sleepless nights praying for
praying for anything.
the smallest thread to pull you through.
not one single day p*sses me by.
these times will try our hearts. theses times will try.
i know h*ll is empty. h*ll is right here.
my only wish is you never forget my warm embrace.

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