only a girl lyrics – randy newman

she’s only a girl
and her voice is peculiar
and her eyes are strange
she’s pr*ne to be willful
you try to cheer her up some
but she’s impervious to change

she’s only a girl
she dresses in black
all of the time
wears an orthopedic shoe
it’s some sort
of uglification she’s into

she’s a hundred and ten
maybe five foot five
she won’t eat meat
but she’ll eat you alve
she’s only a girl
but she’s big time

she’s only a girl
and i’ll tell you about her
at least all that i know
she’s from south carolina
and she came out here
a few years ago

she waits on tables
works in a bank
volunteers at the zoo
you can tell she ain’t lazy
but she is very young
that’s why i called you

now that you’ve seen her,
what do you think?

love is blind
and deaf as well
but i love this girl
can’t you tell?
she’s only a girl
and she loves me

why would someone
beautiful as she
love someone old like me
maybe it’s the money
jeez, i never thought of that

god d*mn it

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