one simple prayer lyrics – audrey

day by day i hold on with no guarantee
that tomorrow will bring, the answers i need
life can be so cruel, when you don’t know what to do
holding on when every hope is all but gone
life can be confusing so many twists and turns
all too many questions and lessons to be learned
what if i should lose the faith i have in you
can i go on down on my knees and know

one simple prayer that’s lifted up
will find its way through heaven’s doors
don’t be anxious and afraid to find the words to say
when all you need is one simple prayer

so many people wonder what words to speak to god
should we define our eloquence with prayers that please the crowd?
do we stand or do we kneel is our pride so well concealed?
that we forget why jesus taught us how to pray

so if you hold a heavy heart, too afraid to come to god
just remember by his grace we are his sons and daughters
heaven comes to those who are children in their hearts
ask him and you will receive

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