one for the band lyrics – her personal pain

into the scene
the chosen went
bringing their broken
hearts in a chain
telling the host
what they have been through
are we suddenly
in love with the truth

and now for some music
to cheer up our minds
tonight is a band
that left feelings behind
it won’t let emotions
burst out on screen
the man who produced it
knows what… is not allowed to be seen

i’m sorry, that’s
the end of the chat
but i’m glad
that you could come
let’s give her a hand
& one for the band
they are ready
to give us a song

the band is playing a slow, low song
safe, soft and warm…

out of the studio
the audience went
bringing their secrets
hidden safely in a chain
the host is very
content with himself
he managed to add
amus*m*nt… to the show

/ her personal pain lyrics