once lyrics – entreat

let’s go to the playground. today we will play between
the fires and castles from the sand
i expect you’ll all come
your lives, please leave them to the neighbours living
next door
today we’ll play between the fires and will make
castles from the sand
running, screaming, stupid laughing, sweet singing
oh my goodnes! what’s all that noise?
the kids are back again!
impressed by the homeless cat he wants to be just like
smelling the flowers he wants to scent just like them
listening the birds he whistles their songs
feeling the air on a (naked) body while running free
tasting the cakes from the sand they are not like mum’s
in the end,
he just complains and cries
lying in the gr*ss we are building our fantazy world, a
castle in the clouds
until it’ll all, all fall down
i’m gonna ruin it all, we will argue and then a big

three hours later drinking vodka and smoki in our hands
with our dirty smiling faces smiling like mad
because we’re gonna be pals again…
and here is something you should see, those eyes
carrying the clouds
and those dirty smiling faces keeping them on all their
and the fire in their eyes, they must be happy to live
their crazy life

what are the voices coming again and again
it sounds like mum from far, far away
maybe everything is over,
maybe it’s really the time to start looking for our way
back home

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