on my mind lyrics – icehouse

out on the high-way
where does it go?
don’t think i really care now
and i just know
i don’t need you now
does it matter
i’m going nowhere

well i said to myself
i got to leave her
far behind but
but now i wonder,
it’s all very wrong
you’re always on my mind, yeah

night and day
mile after mile
with only the time between us.
’cause it was something
i had to do
you’ve got to take some chances

you know me girl, know me too well
you know it’s so easy to run, but
something reminds me where ever i go
i could never hide here, but

oh no, once again
i cannot forget when you’re
on my mind

got to keep on
no turning back
already know the answers

i was a loser
right from the start
got to take the chance, yeah

makes no difference
no difference at all
every time it’s just the same
follow me here, in a
matter of time
before we meet again but


oh no, on my mind, my mind, yeah

i could never hide here, but



my mind, ohhhhh…

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