ode to a would be lover lyrics – debbie gibson

ode to a would be lover

[verse 1:]
lay your head down by my side
look that way just one more time
and promise me… nothing
i know time isn’t ours to keep
but that doesn’t mean i can’t watch you sleep
listen to the strength of silence

[verse 2:]
there’s a sweet sensibility
and darling that is enough for me
i know you are taken
but, do i get to you just a little bit
i know i’m as close as i’m gonna get
and though my heart is close to breaking

oh if you’re any kind of man at all
you know the woman i am
so darling don’t be afraid i won’t break plans you’ve made
i will be just a friend

[verse 3:]
flowers grow in the month of may
and they brighten my every day
you’re here for me now and i’m laughing
and though i crave your soulful kiss
i can deal with it as it is
two tall ships p*ssing


[verse 4:]
i don’t doubt for a moments time
the heart’s not a mirror of the mind
but think it through anyway
and if you wake up a lonely child
and want to escape for a little while
come to me and we’ll dance out in the rain
friend or lover we can dance out in the rain

if i said i’m in love with you
tell me what then would you do?

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