obvious inexistence lyrics – enshadowed

many worship you
they say that you created us
if you’re true where are you all there years?
i know that the creator looks after his work!
you don’t!!!!!

can you speak to my mind?
can you show me your power?
can you demonstrate your existence?
no! where is your god?
can you tell me?
where is your god?

many want to live forever
you say that you can give eternal life
for the unsinfull. to paradise?
i know that n*body’s perfect!
n*body lives forever!

i hope to a spiritual burning
your souls entrating
my hate is contagious
obvious inexistence

can you recreate the world?
can you efface the mistakes?
can reunite the races?
can you speak only the truth?
we don’t need your love!
can you hear us?

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