nothing like it lyrics – beanie sigel

i’m just, i’m just a picture a picture in a frame
i paint word pictures on the canvas of life
but i don’t control the colors
it’s nothin’ like it

yo, i’m ten steps ahead of n*gg*s, that sh*t scary
sometimes i feel ahead of myself
i hear this voice in the back of my mind
like “mac maintain, just grind, dog, better yourself”

so what i do? i take heed and pick up the pace
can’t explain it when i pick up my son and look at my face
i’m like a black rose growin’ in the concrete crack in the pavement
there that voice go again “mac practice for greatness

get paid for them immaculate statements”
keep thinkin’ of them hotlines, like a physic, i can’t explain it
there’s no pen when i write it
there’s nothin’ like it, nothin’ like it

god d*mn, what you want from me what you want me to tell you, huh?
n*gg*s thought that i would stutter, huh, thought i was dumb
but i ain’t used to use my mind, i used to just use my 9
and run wild with my boys in the streets wild with these wars
now the qu’ran and 48 laws, they polish my floors

i’m movin’ n*gg*s like puppets with no strings attached
it’s nothin’ for beans, so you know it ain’t a thing for mac
to look in your eyes, see through your heart, know what you fearin’
pick you apart, like you n*gg*s is transparent

i see right through you n*gg*s
it’s like mac was born with advanced parents
i’m like the sun shinin’ at night imagine it dog
i know you wanna see me gradually fall

but i’m walkin’ on air, brakin’ every gravity law
it’s nothin’ like it, i swear, i spit words that skip through air
let the words of a true thug hit your ear
it change colors like blue blood when it hit the air
it’s nothin’ like it
god d*mn, sh*t, i can’t explain it, f*ck y’all n*gg*s

i changed my whole life in about 9 months, just like sperm in a womb
these young n*gg*s never learn ’til they doomed
try to tell them “you can burn young punk, without smellin’ the fuse”
make you shiver in the middle of june

paintin’ pictures so vivid, you can hang it up in your room
shine bright like a prism, displayin’ colors like crayola
think of the prisons with straight soldiers
think about the n*gg*s who f*cked us and played over us

think about the mothers who suffered and prayed over us
just look at the the picture i’ve painted, it’s so perfect
open your eyes motherf*ckers, you can’t duck us
no survivors every soul shall suffer

i’m loadin’ them revolvers every sh*ll shall touch ya
i promise i’ll light your *ss with these mags, i’ma bust ya
god d*mn, it’s nothin’ like it, i’m serious
can’t explain how i write it

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