nothin’ but time lyrics – ian mcnabb

we’ll be travelling in the winter time
and one of us will know which way we’re going
we’ll be strolling down a country mile
and turn to go which way the rivers flowing
we will take our fill of frosty air
and talk about some place somewhere worth knowing
i will make you laugh with stories from my brutal past
when night falls you’ll be glowing

so come along my little darling
come along my alibi
stop the thing it is your doing
wipe the tear from in your eye
love is long and to be savoured
you and me we got nothing but time

we’ll be listening to a band somewhere
and tripping on the love that we’ll be feeling
i’ve been saving all my tokens up
and i’ll admit i did a little dealing
i’m the kind of man who doesn’t dance
or telephones – i’m lucky and free willing
and i’d love to make you happy
won’t you say the word and set my senses reeling

come along my little darling
let’s begin without delay
gather all the things around you
listen close to what i say
all i see in front of me – is meant to be
we got nothing but time
we got nothing but time

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