not quite sure lyrics – impulse manslaughter

well i don’t know where i’m going
and i’m not sure where i’ve been
and i don’t really feel like going outside
but i don’t feel like staying in
the feelings i have and the words i say
just aren’t too clear to me
why do i feel like i’m trapped inside
what do you want from me
well i don’t really feel like getting drunk
but i’d really like beer
and i really don’t have too much to say
but i’m really glad you’re here
there’s frustration inside i don’t know why
there’s no reason i can see
no matter how i try i can’t hold it in
but i just can’t let go
there’s just no use in fighting it
i wouldn’t know what to do
might as well watch sanford and son
and pound another beer
i appreciate the fact you took the time out
i guess it’s just no use
if i can’t help myself no one else can
i guess i’ll be okay

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