not fire not ice lyrics – ben harper

there is not a river wide
not a mountain high
and neither sin nor evil
could change how i feel inside(2x)

not all the strength of the ocean
not all the heat from the sun
(from the sun)
though others ive tried i just cant deny
for me you are the one (2x)

but true love is priceless
for true love we pay the price
but theres nothing can keep me from lovin you
not fire no not ice (2x)

like a hero or a champion
you are the best (your the best)
like religion or superst*tion
with you i am blessed (2x)

now the river may grow wider
the mountains may reach past the sky
and whether or not you feel the same
my love shall never die (2x)

but true love is give and take
true love is sacrifice
but theres nothing can keep me from loving you
not fire no not ice(3x)

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