none but the brave lyrics – gwar

welcome back, is it the same?
smelly but now old and lame
did you ever think to miss me?
here’s my *ss, come on and kiss me

we come on out here, none but the brave
and then i say to myself, “why do i stay and stay
is there a reason? hypocrisy?”
but in the end i only got just what you gave to me

said, “what you get? share it with me
what you get? did you get it for free? for free
then it ain’t worth nothing, baby”

we got a deli, we got a bus
we got a lot of people throwing rocks at us
say, we got a tour lined up, we got a show
i got a midget following me around everywhere i go now
he says his name is joe now, i really just don’t know now

none but the brave, why do you stay and stay?
sad enough to make me cry, strong enough to make me die

now i’m feeling saddle sore, now i’m feeling warm
keep you here safe from harm, tuck you down inside my arm
and when you’re lonely and afraid, remember the love we made
remember the love we made

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