nocturnal prey lyrics – midnight odyssey

drowning is misery,
of thoughtlessness decay
the shadows engulf me
like a cunning predator
and i am its prey, helpless and alone
without a prancing light to lead me away
the sombre noises of the darkest night
play in my head and their music is madness
i am their prey, confused and haunted
without the insight to keep them away

the stars are trying
to lure me to their light
the fire’s calling me
to share its warmth
the wolves are howling
to keep me on my toes
the owl is watching me now

he sees my movement
from within the trees
he senses unease
and stares a little closer
he smells my flesh
from which will be a feast
of night’s unholy minions.
lying in peace,
no more air do i breathe
the rats pick and prod
and scavenge from my bones
i am their prey, a blissful winter feast
and now i smile, the pain has gone away.

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