nobody knows my name lyrics – afroman

n*body knows my name

afro, man i know that you live in mississippi now, but why in the h*ll did you leave los angeles man? i don’t understand that.

walking down the street without getting shot takes everything you got(that’s right). a bullet proof vess across your chess sure would help a lot.(that’s true, i know that’s right). when you like to get away pyu.

sometimes you wanna go where n*body knows your name (i know that’s right).
they call the cops because you can. (up against the wall black boy).

i wanna be where i can see, n*body will recognize me. i wanna go where n*body knows my name.

where the h*ll is that?

haddysburg. mississippi, next exit. in stereo where ever available. baaakaaaa. deeaaaaa.

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