no strength for the weak lyrics – a past unknown

reach down, pull me out of this mess i have created.
strangled by a lie wrapped in disguise, quenching the
appet*te for a while. these are remains of a hurt so
deep, breaking the skin revealing i am weak, my mind
needs reviving.

get them out, these thoughts that kill me, i have
fallen, pick me up. sanitize this plague filled hole
inside, rid my mind of the sickness that resides. i
won’t be strong enough to get off the ground, i am
tired, sick of the fall.

my strength is weak, my struggles blister me, i’m
reaching toward the end for new strength to begin. i
won’t collapse with my gaze fixed ahead. pull me out,
my dead weight drags me down. what have i done to
deserve, your love, has undone, my faults.

collapsing i can’t keep forcing myself to choke and
bleed. faceless, swayed by the enemy, i’m not drugged
now, try me. with my face to the ground not a word left
to speak, pull me out now. this is remorse for the
hardness in me, kill off the appet*te, i’ll die to
myself inside.

i have not come this far to enslave myself to a death
not far off. i have the remains that aggravate for a
while, but i won’t give into the way they treat,
beating the life out of me. it’s only you who can save
me, i’m falling. my strength is weak, reach down and
save me.

/ a past unknown lyrics