no path to follow lyrics – morning again

hand of your god feeds once a week
say you’re done your part, you give so much
as you keep building up your churches
stained gl*ss and needless luxuries
this problem will never go away
if only fed each day.

a security blanket woven
to comfort and ensure.
this problem will never go away.
if only fed each day.

little thought given.
to an individual fate.
just a lost piece of the world
seen in the corner of your eye.
for a moment a glance is given.
but it remains, and is forgotten with time.
your claim they will always be there.
you place the blame on them.

instill a reason to live
an opportunity to obtain a sense of pride.
not only stripped of shelter
but all that was inside

each one. alone. no different
each one. still feels pain. x(4)

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