no more mr. nice guy lyrics – esham

[esham talking]
b*tch *ss n*gg*z don’t wanna respect
got em in check
no more mr. nice guy, yo no more mr. nice guy

my aggravation for this murder made me write this while i was dreaming
she’s suffocating cause i hurt her she was frightened she was screamin
i was dreaming when i wrote this so don’t quote me or you’ll see me
i’m that n*gg* in your nightmare put a hole up in your beanie
i’m esham, the devil, and god can’t save me
you better believe in this blasphemy
these might be the last words you here from me
oh no, i’ve fallen
the demons are callin
i see em in my daydreams, man these n*gg*z don’t understand
i’m being followed by black crows and when it rains i wanna kill
esham’s no frosted flake, unholy is cereal
what’s the deal? i’m trapped in h*ll
and satan told me sold my soul
no forgiveness for the sacrilegious n*gg* outta control
i bust a cap in the middle of the night
and hit your pitbull by mistake
hoe *ss n*gg* started cryin cause i started barkin at the wake
i be the u-n-h-o-l-y, and i sing that murder lullabye
and i tellin you b*tches right now
no more mr. nice guy

no mr. nice guy i was saying cause you b*tches think i’m playin
i be smokin so much bud my brains inside my head decayin
i was young and terrible, ain’t no other comparable
the ghost writin, rhyme recitin you unaware hoe
i taught ya, and torture, i’m a menace in my sentence
i’ll never be on my knees, beggin for repentance
you n*gg*z just hate me cause you can’t see my power
i be smokin dead flowerz in the midnight hour
i’m esham, the devil, black devil, the demon
lucifer released the wicket sperm and i’m the s*m*n
don’t play me like a sucker cause i’ll kill you m*th*f*cka
chickenhead killa
clockin the dolla billas
in detroit every n*gg* and every b*tch is turned out
every block you bend a corner on sh*t is burned out
n*body likes n*body so we all pack guns
i got a knot in my pocket, all in ones

man, no more mr. nice guy
no more mr. nice guy
i’m wicket in this industry

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