no direction lyrics – happy campers

don’t know what i’m doin
don’t know where i’m goin
don’t have a clue
and now it’s finally showin’
won’t somebody give me a hint or 2
tell me what the f*ck i’m supposed to do
don’t have a comp*ss
don’t have a map
got a diploma
still lyin on my back
the right track
h*ll, i don’t know where it is
it’s like i didn’t study
for some big pop quiz
no direction
so many decisions
i can’t decide
so many people
in whom do you confide?
there are no signs
to tell you what to do
the path you’re gonna take
well that’s just up to you
the road less traveled
leads to certain death
you might succeed
but i wouldn’t hold my breath
so conform to the system
work your life away
wonder what might have been
until your dying day

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