no beginning no end lyrics – dodsengel

adrift, in the chaos i form myself
a constellation, the core in the centre of the cross
a glorious singularity crowning an infernal sun.
omnipotent, unending.

inhaling the fumes of pangenator
exhaling the fires of panphage

constant in change
no beginning, no end.
eternal internal
no beginning, no end
manifesting outward
no beginning, no end

eleven in two, in no-thing
the lack of definition that makes all one in none
crowned and conquering child of the aeon
sun on earth

glorious nothingness
timeless emptiness in a self-sp*wned space
consciousness that speaks in the silence
that knows no thought

eternal and boundless
no beginning, no end

oneness is nothingness
no beginning, no end

manifesting to know thyself
no beginning, no end
to the comedy of pan

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