new world lyrics – chroming rose

another year of misery
in perfect harmony, yeah
all she things that should not be
stay tuned to this world
they do all exist in me
reflecting on democracy, yeah
another blind man crossed the street
full of hopes and naugt*ty dreams
yeah, bound to the war
i don’t wanna hear no more, it’s just a
screaming memory, yeah
screaming memory, yeah
screaming memory
yeah, too blind for this war
i don’t wanna hear no more, but just a

new world, new world
get all the blind to see
’cause the plague is calling
in our whole world, get me?
new world, new world
a brave new world to be
’cause the blind man’s mission
in our whole world there’s me
screaming memories…

new world, new world…

old man starting down the street
poor man no will to be, yeah
lost everything, oh dear
not the day for thee one
waiting far in distance
settle down and rest in peace
shoot ’em down and meet the beast
sad and real is the only mission
and their grinnin’ makes you frown
i’m the plague
to make your *ss go down
screaming memories…

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