new orleans sunset lyrics – dave lewis band

never been south of dallas
west of okc
i want to see this whole d*mn country
from sea to shining sea
never been north of chicago
or east of there just the same
seems like the city of tulsa
is just a little too plain
well i never been the best, and i never been the worst
i’d like to be on top, i’d like to come in first
i’d like to spread my word, across the big blue sky
i’d like to hear the other guy, or win the n*bel prize
i never sung in a jug band, and i never shot a gun
i’d like to see the beach, or at least the bright blue ocean
i want this and i never done that so i kneel down and pray
put my dice in god’s great hands, sit back and let him play
what i really want to do is see the town of new orleans
i’d really like to see the setting sun go down
take me down to the good ol town of new orleans
i’d come from anywhere just to see its sun

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