new light lyrics – def manic

[verse 1]

then i gotta get it like i get it down to the best,
f*ck with me and ima show you how to really live,
it’s the only way to do it if you surviving a bid,
and it’s all funny cause i used to be a lonely kid,
now i want it all, boats, hoes and more,
if i can then i’ll do it even if i lose at the end,
but that’s the only way that life gon’ play out,
tryna win a grammy ima show you what i’m about,
so i come back quicker,
never really gave a f*ck about this b*tch *ss singer,
so i, gotta tell you the second side to my story,
when i finally made it, had it all in my glory,
then i, understood there’s more to success then just
really gotta be willing to lie,
be deceiving, and buying anything else in the way if
you can,
that’s the only man you really gotta be,
otherwise f*ck the industry and never come back looking
at me,
so i never had, always bad, gotta have, gimme that.


[verse 2]

d*mn so i had you on the backburner in life,
sh*t i f*cked up cause you more famous then ever,
it’s like you and that wiz just really made it
the only pair of people to ever get a long,
and it’s crazy to think my shot wasn’t that long,
but got too c*cky and i left in a minute,
picked up my bags and never looked back while i’m
so i, got on the jet with a ticket to go,
and i don’t give a f*ck at all so ima,
big trip, switch sh*t, flow right, love life,
it was the only option i ever had,
to return to a proud dad,
the only one that ever cared for me,
and seen me gracefully,
and i had to change my att*tude, it wasn’t right,
hanging out at all times at night,
it was really bad in my life,
when your own mom nearly pulled me in,
slapped me out and told me i had sinned,
but all i wanted was success and it got to me,
so, work hard, so committed, then i finally did it.

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