nevermight lyrics – darkseed

truth may one day smile
now i think scorn to sigh
you fear by pale-white shown
heavy spellcraft grown…

all pride is welkin’s pride
and so is your?
i have the power to cut
my will still wills!
my eyes shall be the stream
visional floating scream
i breathed a secret vow
leasure serves me now

i never was on sorrow’s side
never felt a heaven-fight
never was my dagger out of grace
never love before my face

you can’t overstare the mightiest
eyes that ever looked
i hope you come within my gates
you have to think about my might
’cause you are none by this good light

falconbridge – nevermight
your l*sty mind so coldly iced
h*ll befall your mask!
fallen face so fast

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