nevergoer lyrics – emerna

i know nothing to tell you about the road.
i feel i’m nothing but i know you are goer.

i am the line……. for your coming… un-coming…
i am the point. i am ever over.

you asked me for what i am dying…
no i lied you that we were born dead.

and if you were silent so i’ve heard you well.
yes you are my silence and i’m your only dread.

the words are lying but i so truly sing.
such rimes need discords, lying and ignore.

you only stayed in this twister station, for what?
to obey the human fiction or to bide your adore?

believe or not i am your god. you hate…
but i’m the wile to save my deceived world.

and i’m the lie behind of this gloom you all deny.
i’m unbeknown… i’m emerna… unheard… untold…

i know nothing to tell you about myself.
i am nothing and you are yourself.

hey you! evergoer! don’t stop and leave! your dawn is
hey! nevergoer! you have to believe your god is gone.

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