naraka lyrics – defeated sanity

cities oozing out disgust
claustrophobic state of misanthropy
a source of calamity
diversity breeds conflict, clashing individuals
spiritual depravity
tortured souls enduring the weight of karma
the presence of evil
creating a violent compound

minor grievance, sufficient to provoke aggression
hatred is boiling, no room for comp*ssion
kill or be killed
constant fear of attack
crushed by the weight of commitment
with human contact
in a purgatory of unavoidable relations
torrents of stress tampering with the vulnerable psyche
essentials of existence, lost in confusion
desperate attempts to numb the pain that’s deep within, within
pathological need for constant stimulation
stimulation… that will replace all natural forms of bliss
intoxication will only aggravate the immense deformity
substances providing false joy
strong physical and mental dependence
initiating a downward spiral
innocence forever lost
love transformed into perversion
blackness wrapping around what once was pure
sickening compulsion
carnal insatiability
brutalized instinct
overshadowing all
the impulse to rape their women
and take their land
bleeding incompetence…
to deal with inevitable dissonance
one’s own inferno…
mistrust and bitterness prompting atrocious acts

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