my name is peter, i’m old lyrics – helge schneider

my name is peter – i’m a drummer in a band and i’m old. my name is peter – i’m grabbing my grave behind the tent. one millimeter a week, cause i’m to schwach to hold the schaufel with my arms cause i’m old and old! i’m peter, i feel fine. four times a year, flying in a plane full of other omma. direction of minorca – holidays! sitting on a big table eating cake and drinking hak! yes i’m peter, i’m a drummer in a band and i’m old. i sit on a chair – i count the rest of my hair! it’s colored – a touch of blue, like the other ommas have too!

my boss is singing englisch, i can’t understand. that’s the reason why i smile sometimes for a little while! yes i’m peter and i’m old. i hope see the christams and the christmastree this year. when i have muck luck, i can see the easterhase with his korb full of eggs! feeling fine. i’m shick with my white jacket. i feel so fine! i need no money!

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