my favourite muse lyrics – arab strap

i pulled the ex last night
and it felt weird to feel her up again
knickers down and bra cast
as if the past had not p*ssed

and she bought the drinks all night
that’s okay, now she’s got a job
her generosity, my curse
she even let me keep her purse

but i couldn’t get it up
too much to drink, too much to say
she picked her clothes up off the floor
and promptly headed for the door

i was just trying to use my favorite muse
i don’t think i could ever want her back
i’m just making sure
she’s still capable of being slack

and she’s got trouble with her boyfriend now
i always said he was a pr*ck
i told her from the very start
when she almost broke my heart

and my room’s a mess this morning
she left her f*g ends floating in a gl*ss
i didn’t try and make her stay
i doubt she would have anyway

i was just trying to use my favorite muse
it’s nice to see she’s still slack
i could never want her back

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